Power Washing & Decks

Residential Power Washing Vinyl & Wood Siding

Our Residential Power Washing system will clean your home's exterior by using a low pressure method of cleaning.

We use a combination of effective, EPA approved, environmentally safe chemicals to create a detergent cleaning solution that will loosen dirt, kill mold, mildew & algae that is washed off at a low pressure setting causing no damage to the surface and minimizing water usage.

Power Washing Decks & Fences

Prior to any deck staining or exterior wood staining, surfaces must first be cleaned and free of any mold, mildew & debris. We use a combination of EPA approved & environmentally safe chemicals to loosen & kill mold, mildew & algae. We then carefully & systematically wash the deck surface with the appropriate PSI (pressure per sq. inch) & GPM (gallons per minute) so that there is no damage to the surface.

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